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About Us

Welcome to LACISAP, the Landscape Contractors and Industry Specialist Association of the Philippines. As a specialized industry association, LACISAP stands as a pillar of credibility and experience within the dynamic landscape sector.

Our Foundation

Founded with a commitment to professionalism, LACISAP has evolved from its humble beginnings of 8 founding members to a thriving community of over 30 active members in 2023. Our growth reflects the trust and camaraderie that binds our community.

Official Recognition

LACISAP holds the distinguished position as the officially and exclusively recognized association of PALA (Philippine Association of Landscape Architects). This recognition underlines our pivotal role in the landscape profession and the construction industry.


At LACISAP, we are not just an association; we are a community driven by a shared passion for excellence, sustainability, and professional integrity. Join us as we shape the future of the landscape profession in the Philippines.


Our Mission

Developing World-Class Capability among Members
We are committed to fostering continuous learning and growth, ensuring that our members possess the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their respective roles.

Fostering Strong Relationships and Partnerships
LACISAP aims to build robust relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders in the industry and the country, contributing to the overall development and advancement of the landscape sector.

Our Vision

At LACISAP, we envision becoming the distinguished and foremost advocate for landscape contractors and industry specialists within the realms of the landscape profession and construction industry. Our internationally competitive members epitomize innovative best practices, sustainable construction processes, and unwavering commitment to maintaining elevated standards of professional conduct, integrity, and reliability.

Core Values


We believe in the continuous pursuit of excellence and competence in all aspects of our profession.


We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring ethical practices and a commitment to excellence.


Embracing innovation is integral to our identity, as we actively seek and implement cutting-edge practices in our field.

Environmental Responsibility

Acknowledging our role as custodians of the environment, we are dedicated to sustainable and responsible construction practices.

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